Our name is inspired by this Japanese concept that means “to grow within a frame”, and refers to the art of growing a tree under restrictive conditions (soil, water and space) and with large doses of patience and wisdom.

We see our business quite much as the same. We try to develope our maximum potential to adapt our knowledge and efforts to the specific needs and applications potential of each one of our clients.

We want to be the best at what we do


Rafael G. de Calderón. C.E.O.

“We pursue strong leadership in small high technologic market niches, partnering the best world class manufacturers and providing outstanding support and service to our customer”.

“We link the highest needs with the best analytical solutions”.


We believe in the union of professionalism and passion. All the people working at Bonsai have the illusion of helping people to have a better quality of life.

We work for:

  • Cancer Reserach
  • Food Quality
  • New Materials Development
  • Environment
  • Forest and Agricultural Optimization
  • Renewable Energies.

Although modestly, we also try to help other people improve their situation.

We collaborate with:

Childhood leukemia accounts for 30% of childhood cancer, with more than 300 cases diagnosed each year in Spain. Unfortunately, two out of ten children still need clinical advances that can only be achieved through investment in research.

At the Unoentrecienmil Foundation they work to promote the cure of childhood leukemia, financing scientific research projects and differentiating solutions for the full cure of children and families from other perspectives.


Bonsaid We financially collaborate with this association for  the construction of water wells and dams in Africa.

Siguiendo tus pasos

We also collaborate with “Siguiendo Tus Pasos”, a charity show to raise money for relief projects around the world.


We provide researchers with equipment and solutions for high-end analytical needs in a number of very specific fields. For this reason, each of our companies works in a focused and specialized manner in the following Application Areas:

Bonsailab: Next Generation Genomics

We represent companies with state-of-the-art technology for the Genomics laboratory, such as single cell analysis, spatial analysis of the cell transcriptome, classification of cell samples by cell levitation, DNA quantification by Digital PCR, cloning of DNA fragments or ionic purification of DNA/RNA.

Tecnovac: Equipment, systems and components for High and Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

Specialists in High and Ultra-High Vacuum for Spain and Portugal since 1996. Since then we exclusively represent Pfeiffer Vacuum and VAT, leading lines such as mass spectrometry in Research and helium leak detection in Industry.

Bonsai Advanced Technologies: Scientific Instrumentation

Since 2005, we offer highly specialized Analytical Instrumentation and applicative solutions for research and industry related to the Spectral Analysis:

  • NIR analyzers
  • Remote sensing
  • Hyperspectral image